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My Mavic Mini 2 won't come near my boat to land
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United States

Hey everyone, so I got my Mavic Mini 2 for several months now and have plenty of flights with it. Today my friends and I are going on a boat ride so I decided to use my drone to record it. Everything was very smooth until the moment where I need to land my drone to change the batteries. This is what happened:
- The drone won't come near the boat, and changing the flight mode did not make any differences
- I tried to fly the drone to the shore, and it won't go near the shore as well
- Eventually, the drone's battery became very low and it said it will land after the count down
- We sailed the boat towards the drone and tried to catch it before it lands in the water, fortunately, that worked and I saved my drone

I'm just confused why won't the drone come near the boat or to the shoreline, it still has a couple of minutes of flight time left.

I launched my drone on the boat, so RTH won't work since we are constantly moving.

Anyone that can answer my issue? Thanks!
5-23 18:54
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Hi! You might be better off posting your question in the 'products' section of this forum.  That is way more active.    -
5-24 00:22
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I hand launch/recover the Mini 2 drone from the stern of my boat almost daily without issue.  Maybe if you post your flight log in the Mini 2 forum section one of the flight log gurus (JJB*, Labroides, etc.) will analyze them and let you know what the issue was.  Good luck.

5-24 04:23
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DJI Stephen
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Hello there OrsonL. I am sorry for the trouble this has caused and thank you for reaching out. Just a reminder that when flying above the water, the vision positioning function will turn off  and only the GPS and barometer are used for positioning, if affected by the accuracy range, and an accident might happen. In addition, I will also post a DJI Forum thread on How to Fly Safely Over Water. Thank you and fly safe always.
5-26 20:41
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