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Bridge app wifi connection to assistant 2
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I have read the doumentation on the bridge app and set up everything as described, i am unable to run the simulator with my application. I know my code works as i have triggered a take off action directly to the drone (without propellors). I need to use the simulator for debugging and testing as it is too risky to perform physical tests at this stage. Can anyone give me guidance on how to use the wifi connection to bridge app and assistant 2.

heres a quick description of what im doing.

Connect controller and app to bridge (the app im connecting is in xcode simulator) the bridge app is being hosted on an ipad

Connect drone via usb to macbook pro

run assistant 2

run my xcode simulator application

attempt to execute commands - nothing happens

as far as im aware everything is connected as it should be however nothing seems to be working as it should, no activity

5-24 00:32
Use props
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