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Motor monitoring for failure.
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I own a M600pro and it has excellent redundancy built in, however I would love to see on future inspire and other professional / enterprise series drones on board monitoring of temp, voltage draw and amp draw of its motors... I know I could buy the sensors aftermarket and write a program log it to a raspberry Pi or the manifold available through DJI, however built in systems from the factory and data available in the flight app would be great.. Reason being that a failing motor could be detected earlier and replaced before a in flight failure.. Again not an issue on the m600 so much but.....

For a bit of extra "smarts" on the motor side RPM and individual serial numbered motors could be used to log motor hours and rpm measured against volts/amps across the drone again to see if a motor has to work harder than the rest to maintain rpm..

Interested to hear other opinions..


5-29 22:46
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Mats Bohlinsson
Second Officer
Flight distance : 1558228 ft

Yeah it's strange that this havn't been done.

I know at least a couple of M600 crashes that could been avoided if the temp of the esc's had been monitored.
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