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Mini 2 ISO lock?
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Is there such an option on this dronie? I am so used to it on P4P that i just assumed i could lock iso, and leave the rest in auto.. i shoot AEB and raw anyhow.....
If this is not there now, could it be considered a feature added to future firmware?
I'd also love to disable jpg and do raw only. Also does not seem to be an option.

I have to say i am very impressed with the overall quality of mini 2 so far! Considering the size, this baby does VERY well!

10-13 14:18
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No, only the AE lock, its either manual or full auto that i have seen
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Hi Phatomski,

I'm affraid this little drone has also limited capabilities, as is the price of this thingy.

For photographic means the options and settings are very limited. I too, want a RAW only option like on my M2P and 5 exposures on AEB. I didn't buy the Mini 1 because the lack of RAW.
I realise it never can't replace a bigger drone like an M2P or a P4. It's a very nice drone for it's price and it is meant for a wider general public, not typical photographers.

I often breng both my drones with me. Scouting the area I want to photograph with the mini 2 and then get my M2P up to get the actual picture.
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Hi there. Thank you for reaching out. I will take note of this and will forward it to our designated team for attention. After the evaluation of the engineers, significant suggestions or requests will be implemented via the firmware update, app update, etc. For any updates, please stay tuned to the latest news on our DJI official website at Thank you for your understanding and support.
10-13 22:15
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