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Tablets for MA2
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Maybe a frequently asked question, but which tablets work well for the mavic air 2 (dji fly app)? I had a galaxy tab A but it doesn't work. The Ipad mini 2 many error messages cpu overload and sometimes dares to crash. Otherwise the app works well on my iPhone 11. But I want a bigger screen for a reasonable price. I had my eye on Samsung tab S6 lite, but it doesn't have a built-in compass, but would it work well?
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You might be better off posting your question in the 'products' section of this forum.
That is way more active.
Just create a new thread here : and select the right category / subcategory.
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Hello there K-Castello. Good day and thank you for reaching out. I hope that you will get the best response from our fellow DJI Co plots on what tablet they are using to fly there DJI Mavic Air 2. Just a reminder that DJI recommends using a recommended mobile device for the DJI Mavic Air 2 and with the DJI Fly application for compatibility and reliability purposes. For reference, I will post a link where in you can check the recommended mobile devices for the DJI Mavic Air 2 and for the DJI Fly application( ). Thank you for your understanding and support.
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Samsung Tab S6 Lite fonctionne très bien. Cela fait 2 mois que je l'utilise
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I finally went to the Darkside and bought an iPad, full size 10.2 inch, 32 GB I needed iOS for another piece of hardware too, so I picked it up on The Big A for $300, plus a couple of necessary accessories. It is a game changer for me. My Android phone was NOT playing well with the drone (RC Disconnected as close as 5 feet away, repeatedly). So far, the iPad has been rock solid, although it does feel like toting a big screen TV.
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