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Inspire 2 Zoom with Cendence Remote
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Hi guys just wondering if anyone can offer up some help here.

I just got an inspire 2 with the XS5 camera as well as a Cendence remote. I have the Panasonic Lumix 14-42mm lens on it as I had seen on a thread somewhere on here that that is the lens that offers a powered zoom.

First issue I have is that the lens will not auto focus, DJI support have been no use, have rest firmware etc etc but nothing. If I use Litchi I can successfully use the manual focus but in GO I cannot enter manual focus mode without calibrating the lens which is a greyed out setting.

The other issue I am having is how on earth can I zoom the lens? Maybe this is an issue that goes hand in hand with the auto focus but I cannot seem to zoom the lens using the app and cant find any customisable button for it on the cendence. I will be completely honest here, £6k worth of drone and a £1k controller needs to offer the option to control the zoom. I am going to be working in fast paced sports broadcasting, taking my hands off the controller to zoom with my fingers on a display is completely unpractical and absolutely no use to me.

If any one can help me with these issues it would be hugely appreciated. Thanks.
6-3 09:30
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Matthew Dobrski
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Firstly, you counting on too much with Panasonic "live" zooming. You may be able to set the zoom to a particular focal length and start filming, but smooth manual zooming in/out on the go is not possible. Secondly, try to use standard RC first to see if zooming via Go 4 app is possible at all. Finally, pancake zoom lenses aren't of highest quality and they go belly up quite often. Sadly there's no other option in suitable form on the market.
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