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Cache information and I-phone Storage
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My iphone 6 tells me that the DJI App has used some 11.66 GB in storage.  I understand that a low res flight video is saved to my phone, and the hi res version is saved to the mini card in the drone.  

I have some questions:-

If I delete the data stored in the cache section of my phone, will the flight data (the cool map that shows where I went on each flight) be preserved?  Is this data saved automatically on the cloud as well?  If not, how do I preserve it?  If I sync this data, and then delete it from my phone, does the synced information also disappear?

If I have to transfer it over to a pc, how do I do this, and how do I then access and view the information once it is removed from my phone (is there a programme that will show both the map and the drone images at the same time?)

I've tried to find these sorts of files on my i-phone using file explorer.  I cannot.  Google also tells me that I may be able to access DJI files through I-tunes.  I could not figure out how to do this.

Can anyone give some guidance on these points?


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Hi there, are you referring to the DJI Fly? If yes, you can tap: Profile - Settings - Clear Cache on the home page of the DJI Fly app to clear most of its cache. The app will retain some important cache data, such as flight records and the software running log. These data cannot be cleared through the app. Therefore, after you clear the cache, it is normal to display some cache data in the mobile phone system.  
And when Wi-Fi is connected the flight records will be synchronized automatically as long as the Auto-sync Flight Records function is enabled. If you use mobile data, when the DJI Fly app detects that your flight records have not been synchronized, a prompt indicating “Flight Records Not Uploaded” will appear under Profile – More- Flight Data Center in the DJI Fly app. You can tap “Upload” at the upper right corner on the screen to manually upload your flight records to the cloud.
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