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Air 2s, acting strange...
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Ive flown my air 2s since launch day without a problem!  Today I've noticed that when i fly straight just using one joystick, my drone also increases altitude at the same time i go forward. I have my maximum altitude to 200ft and if i try to fly for example at 90ft, as i go forward it increases the altitude up to the 200 ft. And the weird thing is that it only do it in one direction ( from my house to the park)  about 2000 ft distance.  If i tried to lower the altitude to 90 ft and go back home it do not increases the altitude.  After more than 100 flights to the same place it only did it today.  Anyone else has seen this issue?
6-12 15:06
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Hi there. Thank you for reaching out and we do apologize for the trouble. Can you please try to perform the IMU calibration to see if the issue persists? Also, can you please confirm if you receive an error message on the app when you experience the said issue? Please keep us posted. Thank you.
6-12 20:12
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