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Solution for file sizes ?
92 0 6-20 07:03
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Hello DJI team, have you considered any solution to these large files issues reported here by users please ? Osmo action is a great camera but files size for most ordinary people is a burden to be honest. The smallest possible file size in video recording is 1080 x 24 fps (even 720 x available fps are very large). Just 2 minutes recording at 1080 x 24 fps  = 380 MB meaning 11.4 GB per hour. Such files take forever to download to phone or computer. Can use handbrake on laptop to reduce each 4 GB files to just 160 MB without losing too much quality. But so much waste of time downloading and shrinking file. Could you propose in your next firmware update a solution for those seeking smaller size videos please even if that means slightly lesser quality ? i.e. lower bit rates or 720 x 24/25/30 fps, etc or even 480 ? Appreciated.
6-20 07:03
Use props
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