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Error Code 30254
105 0 6-30 11:51
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Flight distance : 79016 ft
United States

Hello All,

I recently purchased a Mavic Mini 2.  Within the first couple of flights I started getting this error code with instructions to disconnect the USB cable from the aircraft.  The aircraft was not connected to any cable and was still flashing a green "linked" light.  I found I could fly the first battery but if the craft landed or after the first battery I would either get this message or the next battery would not link with the aircraft.  

I suspect something on the circut board is overheating.  If I placed the drone in a refrigerator for two minutes with no battery and the battery door open, it would accept the next battery.  I received a new Mini 2 from Amazon today and so far it seems fine, changing batteries with no error messages or battery freeze ups.
6-30 11:51
Use props
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