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Litchi route not completing waypoint mission
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United Kingdom

Twice now I have sent my mavic pro 2 off on a waypoint mission and it gets to the same spot both times, hovers for a several minutes, and returns.

It doesnt look from the map likes im going towards a no fly space and its over a river so i dont think theres anything in the way.

any ideas?
7-1 09:00
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DJI Stephen
Super Moderator


Hello there mogmog. I am sorry for the trouble this has and thank you for reaching out. Since this is a 3rd party application ( Litchi ). I hope that you will get the best recommendation from our fellow DJI Co pilots who are using the Litchi application when flying there DJI drone. Just a reminder to please use the recommended DJI application when flying your DJI drone to ensure stability and comparability during flight and 3rd party applications like Litchi can void the warranty of your DJI drone. Thank you and safe flying always.
7-1 17:43
Use props
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