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Gimbal Motor Overload and hard landing.
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* Wow this is long! Sorry! *
* Please go easy on me. *

I took my P3P flying on 6/10/15 at the local park. I used my iPhone 5s for the display.
All worked great, used up 2 batteries.

Then it rained every day since that I could get out to fly.

In the time between then and today:
I upgraded the FW.
I bought an iPad Mini 3.
I installed the newest pilot app on the mini 3.

Today me and my buddy went to an old mall. There is only two stores left in this big building. So we had lots of room.
It flew like a dream. No errors and video/signal was great. After one battery we decided it was way to hot at 82 degrees F to be standing in the sun on blacktop.
We decided to go back to the park where we was last time. I packed everything away and off we drove.

We get to the park and I remove the P3P from the case, install battery #2. I turn everything on and get the Gimbal Motor Overload error. I pick the P3P up and walk to a wooden bench. I turn it all off and then back on. I get the Gimbal Motor Overload error and a compass needs calibrated error. The compass stats in the pilot app started at 1200 went up to 1275 then dropped back to 1200 over and over.
I walk the P3 into the field and do the compass calibration. Then I sit it down on the cement floor of the pavilion and do a gimbal calibration.

Once it is done everything says it is ok. I pick the P3 up and walk back out to the field and sit it down. The Gimbal Motor Overload came back, and now it says safe to fly no GPS.
I turn it all off and restart everything. Nope still the Gimbal Motor Overload error and still no GPS. Then the GPS came back, locked on 17. Since everything looked ok except the Gimbal Motor Overload error I went ahead and took it to 10.8 feet, it slowly drifted back to 10.02 and sat there. I left it hover for 2 or 3 minutes. It was stable.

I told my buddy, well here goes nothing and took off. I was ready to flip the switch to take control if it started acting weird.

I got about 150 feet up and 200 feet away and the video on the mini 3 started going black, coming back then breaking up to black.
I figure it has to be the mini 3 getting hot. And dang it I have waited so long to fly this thing for the second time that I am going for it.
I ran the #2 battery to 25% and landed. I would stop moving when the video broke up or went black. Then move again when it was back.

I got battery #3 out of the case and smoked a cigarette. When I was done I put #3 in the P3 and started everything up.
I got the Gimbal Motor Overload error and no GPS. I left it sit a few minutes and finally locked on to 12 to 17, it kept going back and forth. Then settled on 17. The Gimbal Motor Overload error cleared too.

Again I took it up around 10 feet and waited there. As soon as I took off and got like 100 feet away there goes the video breaking up.  I got to 2000 feet away and about 400 feet up when "no signal/weak video" appeared. I stopped all control movements. The signal came back and so did the video by moving the RC around. I hit RTH on the screen.

It started back. I still had battery left so I decided that I would stop it when it got almost to the ground and let it hover to 20%. How wrong I was. It got to 15 feet or so off the ground and I played with the sticks. It moved where I wanted it to but once I let go of the sticks it continued landing. I thought I read that moving the sticks would cancel the return/landing. I guess either it doesn't work with the RTH on the screen or more likely once it starts landing that's it you can't stop it with the sticks?

Well anyway it got real close to the ground so I left go of the sticks but it was too late. It hit the grass came up 1/4 of an inch flipped over and "landed", the propellers shut off as it "landed". They have some grass stains on them and some dirt on the body. But everything seems ok. Before I go out again, maybe Ill wait on the FW update, Ill redo all the calibrations and stuff before I fly.

Use props
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