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What's the best phone for Active Track on the (original) Ronin S?
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So I'm not asking what phones are compatible with the Ronin S (that can be found easily).
I'm currently using an iPhone 7 in conjuction with my Ronin S, which is not great. It can get very glitchy. Like, I track an object and it gets confused, it begins quickly tracking random objects in the iphone frame messing up the shot.
I use active track for like 70% of my shots, so needless to say it's important to me. I'm wondering if it's the gimbal that needs to be replaced or the phone. I'm hoping it's the latter, because I need a new phone eitherway.
I don't really want to buy a new gimbal, but if that's where the problem stems I'll consider it.
Thanks in advance.

8-10 06:49
Use props
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