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Cheap Sunshade Alternative - that WORKS!
973 1 2015-7-26
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Does your tablet or iPad have a case which is a pain to remove? Mine does.

I use my Tab Pro 8.4 tablet for lots of things, not just flying (could not afford to use the wifi tablet for just a single purpose - too expensive). Just as I was starting to place an order for a nice sunshade, I did something different instead.  The little side pieces shown here work very well WITH the case - these just slide on and hold securely.

Not really wishing to remove the expensive tight-fitting cover off my tablet every time I fly the P3 in bright sunlight, I made up something that uses the cover as the sunshade main component. Here is the idea — just cut the sides out of a fairly rigid material and glue STRONG milk shake straws to that; trim, slit the straws longways, and notch for your USB connection, and there you are.  

NOW, I keep my cover on and simply attach these when needed. The "milk shake" straws are really stronger/thicker and more durable than one may think, and were just 1USD for a dozen. Better yet, get a few at your local fast food place that serves thick drinks. I used durable foam/paper laminate for the sides, but most any lightweight material will work. This sunshade alternative is quite robust and small enough to store in your pocket, case, backpack, or glovebox. Total weight for both pieces here is 44 grams.

Here is an illustration of the steps involved:
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Just thought I’d share with those who may wish to give it a go.  Note that many tubular items other than drinking straws can work well to reliable and securely capture the edges of your cover and your tablet - the key is to find something flexible and springy.

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ok guy this is my solution to sun glare,ived tried sunshades but all kinds are rubbish because of reflections, i have a large vanguard camera ruck sack that i use to transport my phantom around in,this bag came with a waterproof cover that you stretch over the bag to protect it , so i thought it might make a good sun shade,so when im out in the field on a very sunny day i just take the ruck sack cover and stretch one end over my 10" tab and the other end over my head,it puts you straight in the dark and works very well,i have tried other rucksack rain covers and as long as you get the large one they all do a great job of shading the screen.
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