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DJI Ronin + LDX GV compact + Canon HJ14ex4.3B IASE
541 0 2015-7-29
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I am preparing for an upcoming shoot so I would like to inquiry if the current DJI Ronin setup will work or i have to buy additional parts.
My current setup is stock DJI Ronin with XL arm modification.
Camera I will be shooting with is LDX GV compact.

Weight: 2.5 kg
Width: 113 mm
Depth: 156 mm
Height: 140 mm

Lens: Canon HJ14ex4.3B IASE
Weight: 2,07 kg
Dimensions: Width: 163.5 mm
Depth: 110.8 mm
Height: 247.8 mm

+ wifi transmitter, cables, top, bottom plate and another transmitter plate on the side. Which in total makes about 6 - 6,5 kg
Here's an image of camera setup. In addition It has to be powered through Both of Ronin P-tap connectors. Will it affect motor power or just shorten battery cycle? Should I consider buying the Pan axis extension? Or Add more counterweight to existing 6+ kg. I know the maximum weight Ronin can hold is about 7 kg, Am I right? I am also concerned about tilt restrictions due to cables at the back.
Also are there any suggestions regarding app settings?
Rig would not be used in smooth track mode rather operated with remote and possibly windy location. (cable cam)  I will receive the camera only on the day of shoot so I don't want to end up not being prepared. I would appreciate your opinion and advice.


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