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RoninM - Balancing Front Heavy Camera
1764 1 2015-7-29
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I have a RoninM, and I want to add a Remote Follow Focus on my Camera, so I just purchase a Follow Focus Mount.

The main problem starts when I'm trying to balance the Ronin, because I use a Canon 28mm 1.8 Lens. That's too short, and I need to place the camera on the front, near to the Follow Focus Mount. I need to have some Weight on the back. I've purchased the HG900 Counter-Weight Set, but now I see that's only for the Ronin, not the RoninM.

I need to put the Weight on my RoninM to balance the camera. Anyone have the same problem? How add some Weight on the camera?
Any solution to mount the Counter-Weight on a RoninM?

Thank you very much!
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I had a similar problem with a Canon 7D mkII with the 16 - 35mm zoom and matte box.  I've solved my tilt axis balancing problems with the Ronin HG900 Counter-Weight set.  The set does NOT fit the Ronin-M.  The part that the rods screw into is too wide when mounted at the rear of the "receiver" and it blocks properly installing the camera mounting plate.  However, with the addition of a single, small flat washer, I was able to attach a weight block (and you would be able to stack up to all three with the included long screws) using one of the small screws from beneath the camera mounting plate through the rear mounting hole.  The weight block remained tightly attached, sitting on the plate just behind my 7D mkII with 16-35 zoom and matte box, with the lens support at last properly mid-lens (and not interfering with the zoom or focus rings).  With the weight block, I was finally able to balance the tilt axis.  Were I too add a follow focus or glass filters, I can now easily stack additional weights behind my camera on the mounting plate.  This had proven to be a great solution for me.
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