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Ronin M Problem
1359 0 2015-7-29
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Ronin M Problem

When using the dual operator with remote, both the pan and the tilt are not smooth when giving stick inputs.  In other words, there are noticeable acceleration points.  You can definitely see it as the pan axis is rotated around (The tilt performs the same fashion as well).  The first acceleration point is when initiating a stick input.  The pan initiates abruptly.  Then as you move the stick further, no matter how slow or careful you move the stick, there are additional points where you can clearly see the gimbal accelerate.  This makes it difficult to track an object.  I am either moving the gimbal too fast or too slow to keep the framing I want.

I have upgraded to the latest v1.2 firmware, and the problem still exists.  It does not matter the size of the camera.  You can still see the jump in acceleration at each point.

I started looking into it further.  I connected to the gimbal assistant app and noticed something on the channel tab which displays the stick input given.  For example, when viewing the pan (CH 0) slider,the slider jumps from 0 at the center to 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900, and finally 1000 (it will move the opposite direction with -100, -200 and so forth).  I noticed at each jump, the acceleration happened.  There are not enough increments here to make a smooth movement with this gimbal.  It’s almost as though there are only 10 increments of speed or stick resolution and nothing in between.  As I said earlier, this makes it difficult to track an object while keeping the same framing.  The gimbal is either moving too fast or too slow.

This is not my first experience with a dual operator with remote set up.  This is definitely not present with the Freefly Movis or the ZenMuse Z15 gimbals.  I am not sure about the other gimbals on the market.  This seems like it can be fixed with a firmware update.  If you have any suggestions on the setup, please let me know.  I have tried different settings including changing Smooth Track settings, however, I believe Smooth Track is only for single operator.  I tried different Deadbands, Maximum Speed, and Smoothing settings.  These settings will only change the point at which the acceleration happens.  I have also tried a Futaba T14SG using a separate receiver and utilizing expo and the problem is still present.

DJI, please help.  If this is not resolved, I have no choice but to switch to a different gimbal.  It is just not usable for the type of tracking shots I require.

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