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Smart Controller with 2 drones
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I have a mavic Air2s and a Mini2 - AND a smart controller.
I want to use the smart controller wth both drones - not in time, but one after the other.

I top menu of the controller I found a icon with 'Fluggerät wechseln' - I think, the english version is like 'change drone'.
In this menu, I have every time only the drone in selection, which I connected last with the controller.

What to do, to have here both drones, so that I do not have to pair the 'other' drone again, before I want to fly with it?
I hope, my english is good enough to explain my problem.

Guenter from Germany
(if anybody speaks German, we can also discuss in german by mail)
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As far as I'm aware Guenter, you cannot have both drones bound to the SC at the one time. You have to switch between them before flying one or the other.
Sorry, I reread your post. I see you do not want both drones connected at the same time. There are instructions on how to switch between drones but I don't know if they are in the manual for the SC or not. Someone more knowledgeable than myself will be along shortly to help you I'm sure.
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Hi Guenter,

check this video about switching aircraft.

I use a M2P and mini 2 on the SC. The only problem I have is when I switch between M2P to Mini2, I have to re-link the Mini 2. The M2P uses the Go4 app and the mini 2 the Fly app. Maybe that has something to do with it. Switching back to the M2P works fine.
In your case both of your aircrafts make use of the Fly app, which might have an influence on the result.
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Versuch mal dies... M2P durch Air2S ersetzen... ... 700&pid=2554228
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I found the "problem" and the solution - it didn't work like in the video shown. if I push the icon in the top menu, it didn't work. - Ok, I have not tested to make a "long push".
But if I use the menu point in the settings, I can select the other drone and get the message, that the smart controller has to reboot - in this way, I can change drone - but not with the icon in the top menu.

I think, we can close this thread.

thanks all for help
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