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Mavic 2 zoom error before landing .
69 1 10-4 08:29
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Flight distance : 118993 ft

I was flying my mavic 2 zoom with tripod mode enabled for more presice controll and for more safety and slower movment of the drone, i was aproaching the homepoint and i was doing everthing the same way as i did it before.
so what happend was that i got a bunch of errors saying:
  • Navigation system redudency.
  • switched to backup IMU.
  • blinking icon indicates which sensors are active.
A couple of things i just want to mention include:
  • all sensors on the drone were clean and free from any scrathces, debries and anything eles that might interfere or effect them.
  • the drone was not effected in any - way such as, i did not crash it into anything, and i did not bump into anything during flight
i did do a imu calibration and the drone was verry sensitive on how much i moved the controlls on the controller, it also moving alot like it was in atti mode even though i knew it wasn't in atti mode.

Note: i have read another fourms discussing the same exact issue i had with alll the same exact errrors as i had.

if anyone can give me any technical details/advice on why this orccurd then that would be verry much apreciated!
i did do a little diving into this meaning i looked into the user manual for the mavic 2 and looked to see if there was anything to do with the sensors acting diffrently in other weather conditions and its a bit colder here in ireland now, i did not find anything usful about the sensors.
10-4 08:29
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If you use an RC1A controller can you retrieve, from your phone etc.,  and post, the DAT and txt flight logs for the flight. Make sure you do not sync your logs or you may lose the DAT. If you use an RC1B controller you will only have a txt flight log. I don't know what you will have if you have a Smart Controller.

See the instructions on either of the following webpages ... alysis-guide.78627/
10-4 15:03
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