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"Time to Discharge" Best Practices...??
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I have a question about batteries and "time to discharge" function? Why is the default set at two days?
Wouldn't it be better at "ten days?

I want to set it at ten but thought I would ask first. Any thoughts or best practices and why?

10-11 07:01
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You might be better off posting your question in the 'products' section of this forum.
That is way more active.
Just create a new thread here : and select the right category / subcategory.
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This depends on the drone,   M2P is 2 days,  drones like the mini and mini 2 are longer,   but you can change the time for M2P if you want,   I set mine to 5.
10-11 23:54
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DJI Stephen
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Hello there StewNash. Thank you for reaching out and for these information that you have posted. I hops that our fellow DJI co pilots can give out there valued insights with regards to this topic. Have a safe and a happy flying always.
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Having recently bought an all electric car, battery life becomes the major topic when it comes to replacement cost. The point is, the battery tech is the same for car, laptop, torch or drone.
Research shows that lipos degrade rapidly when fully charged compared with a partial charge of between 20% to 80%. Between those values, the chemistry behaves in a less aggressive way.
Typically, you would fully charge the battery just before flight. Ie. Within an hour or so. Sometimes circumstances prevent the flight and to avoid shortening the battery life, auto discharge kicks in.
Lipos last longer if discharge is gentle and the sooner the charge reaches 80% the better for the cells.
You can damage the cells irreparably by dropping below 20%. The lower you go, the worse the damage.
Some electric car manufacturers, some top range laptops and critical equipment are designed never to actually charge beyond 80% or discharge below 20%, even though the displayed charge is 100% or 0%.
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