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Cannot RTMP Live Stream
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So I was doing some preliminary testing of the RTMP live stream capability.

I started by setting up a Mona Server on my laptop and used my Mavic 2E Zoom and was able to livestream no problem. So disconnect live stream and power down.

Setup my M300 with the primary controller, made sure it's all on the same network, enter the exact same parameters and I get "Tips: Network or Service Error. Live streaming failed".

Grab my second controller, try again, same error.

Has anyone been able to successfully livestream their M300? Is there a setting or something that I maybe forgot to turn on?

Any help would be appreciated.

10-14 11:30
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Hey mate,

Hopefully since the V3 firmware has been released this has been solved for you but if not this might help. We had the M300 streaming on a previous firmware version but either the version before the current V3 or the one before that broke it. I've been streaming through a Wowza engine but when we updated previously it suddenly spat out the same "Live Streaming Failed" errors that you have got. What we had to do was to remove authentication from the feed. The 300 would constantly fail to stream if there was anything in that part of the rtmp url.
Assuming your rtmp url is similar to - rtmp://[user].[password]@[IP Address]:[Port]/application....
We had to turn off source authentication at the server side and then delete the [user] and [password] from the rtmp url, after which it worked fine.

The latest M300 V3 seems to have fixed that for us though and we have been able to add the source authentication back in. If you are still having issues since the latest update then that may be something to try??

If source security is a thing there is a way to turn authentication off but manipulate other requirements server side to have a password elsewhere in the URL.

Hope that helps!

10-20 17:48
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