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Few questions about flying Mini 2 in winter and cold conditions
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Looking at picking up this drone in the next few months which means that if I end up buying it it will be in winter, which raised a few questions I wanted to ask. I would appreciate any answers to any of the questions.

1. I read that Mini 2 is not supposed to be flown below 0 degrees celsius (32 fahrenheit) which makes sense, but is it really a good idea to fly it if there was even something like +5 degrees celsius (41 fahrenheit) outside?

2. What happens if the Mini 2 crashes in snow, is that like the drone falling in water in terms of possible damage?

3. Does it damage the battery to fly in such cold conditions?

4. Is transmission range affected if flown in cold?

5. Are drone sensors affected in any way by the bright snow layer in winter on sunny days?

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You can fly in cold no problems,  just make sure the drone is kept warm before you start.   I would learn to hand launch and catch if you plan to fly after heavy snow fall,   flying when snowing is best avoided as air flows through the drone to call it.
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Hi there. Thank you for reaching out. 41 Fahrenheit flying environment is good it is inside the recommended operating temperature for the DJI Mini 2. Just a friendly reminder, please avoid flying in a location wherein it has a heavy snowfall to avoid issues. In addition, hope that you could get the best recommendation from our fellow DJI Pilots here that has experience flying in the same environment that you had mentioned. Thank you for your valued support.
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