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Surveying with the M300
752 1 2021-11-10
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Hello everyone,

I'm looking to do some surveys with the M300 and ran into a little bit of difficulty. I need the coordinates and AMSL heights of various structures for my survey. To do this I figured I could enable RTK, take photos, and look at the metadata of those photos to get what I need. However, my coordinates need to be in NAD83 datum, and my AMSL heights need to be using the GEOID12B geoid. I read online that the M300 is locked to WGS84 datum and geoid. Is there any way I can efficiently convert my collected data to the coordinate systems I need it to be in?

Thank you!
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I use an M300/P1 combination for low resolution (non-RTK) surveys of island erosion, ground cover, counting wildlife, etc.
We fly mission grids, then use Photogrammetry to generate an orthomosaic or DEM, doing our counting and polygon generations in a GIS Program or Google Earth.

First off, it sounds like you're using single images if you want the EXIF data, but that must be difficult to fix a single location, and I'm really interested in how you get altitudes from a single image, even given the altidude of the UAV.

If you were to use a Photogrsmmatry program, for each location you would get the average of the EXIF and altitude calculations for several images, which I would thikn would ome out to be much more accurate.

At that point you can set the photogrammetry software to export points in any format or datum you can think of.

If you're using a P1, though, the amount of infomation associated with each picture is magical...

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