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DJI Assistent2 (Mini2) new for macOS 2.1.7 from 12.11.2021
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New DJI Assistant2 for Consumer (Mini2) from 11/12/2021 Version 2.1.7 does
NOT work exactly like the previous version under Monterey 12.0.1 Mac.
When connecting USB to an iMac mid 2020, the Mini2 is recognized, then the usual forced upload of the
log file to a local folder on the Mac comes again, this process NEVER ends !!, the charging circle rotates indefinitely.
So DJI is unable to write this brand new APP for the latest macOS right away.

Ok, the problem is solved just as easily as with the Windows version of this app.
Simply select the option in the defaultsettings.ini file see screenshot:
Set wm161 upgrade enable = 1. And then you can update the firmware of the Mini2 under macOS,
but nothing more is possible, no hacks like under Windows.

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Same with Windows version. Got the new Assistent couple days ago, when I got the new fly 1.5.1. Had some problems has the drone wanted me to update the Fly app at the same moment as the drone wanted to update the Fly base data. Both updates got fighting each other. Upgrading one, the connection to the drone was broken and the other didn't want to upgrade. An incompatible firmware was detected. Too confusing to find out it was the Fly app or the Fly base update causing the problems as none of the apps did state itself giving the errors.

The only thing to clear out the situation was to update the Fly Base data on the drone using the Assistent (with the patches in the config file; I'm using Windows). After that one update, the Fly 1.5.1 update went well.
Still don't understand why DJI destroys everytime the settings on the config file with every new version and don't understand why it doesn't activate upgrading on the Assistent as it solves some upgrading problems users have.
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