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Picture quality seems to change when there's a face in the frame
97 0 2021-11-20
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I've spent some time watching some of the dozens of GoPro 10 vs Action 2 videos on YouTube.  I think I'm starting to see a pattern related to image quality.  In some of these videos the Action 2 footage looks significantly darker than the GoPro 10 footage - a tendency to lose details in shadows and to crush blacks.  But when there's a face in the image, when the cameras are being used for vlogging, it's the opposite.  The Action 2 footage becomes lighter and shadow detail is much easier to see.  
So - has the Action 2 been designed to detect faces, and then to expose for the face?  And is it using some kind of unconfigurable "beautify" function, because there seems to be a significant loss of facial detail compared to the GoPro 10 in vlogging shots?  

Personally I'd like to see better shadow detail in non-vlogging shots, and if there is some kind of beautify processing going on when the camera detects a face, this should be a menu option, not a fixed function.

Has anyone else noticed this pattern?
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