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Flight Records data
156 2 2021-11-26
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I was wondering what the files .txt and .dat in the Flight Records corresponded to? There is not the same amount of MCDat files and of txt files and they both have different dates and hour timestamps. Which is what ? I analyzed the .txt files with an online program and I can get the information for each flights, but some MCDat files are named with a date and hour that do no correspond to any of those .txt files... There is more MCDat than txt files but there is a fixed number of flights. Am I missing something? I read the manual for the Mavic 2 Pro and I've looked on the forum, but I can't seem to find the information I'm looking for.

I'm also having trouble with the hour automatically given to the filename by one of my drone. I had two drones fly at the same time, around the same area, but the Flight Records .txt files aren't named with the same hour (minutes do correspond). The difference between the two times is not always constant (sometimes 4 hours, sometimes 23 hours??). What could affect this? Is there an automatic transition to a particular time zone? Why would this affect only one of my drone?

I look forward to your insights, thanks a lot !
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AFAIK is the date time in the flightlog the local ltime from the mobile device, so the only difference is the device...
If you put a cloud link to both files, like to see the difference.

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DAT's run from drone switch-on to drone switch-off. The next drone switch-on starts a new DAT.
txt's run from motor start to motor stop. The next motor start starts a new txt.
If you sync you may lose DATs.
Some time-stamps are in the 24 hour clock and others are in the 12 hour clock, this can be confusing if you sort them by their time-stamps.
Here, UK, some time-stamps differ by 1hr which may be the due to GMT vs BST (local summer time) (I think this is connected to the time zone connected to GPS but am not certain.)
If you open the .txt with the likes of CsvView you will see, and or find, that the DAT number is referenced, either or both, in the summary presented by CsvView or in the csv that is available from CsvView. (Look for "index").

i have never worked out conclusively what happens if a flight spans a disconnection but I may have separated flights and disconnections mixed up in my head.

I think I sometimes get a pair of DATs for one switch on, one being tiny and the other large. I do also sometimes get two DATs, of equal size, with one being in the 24hr clock and the other being in the 12hr clock, this is separate from the 12hr vs 24hr clock noted in line 4. (These may depended on the phone and or the app version used, I have several phones that I use with Go4.)

If you are looking at the numbers in the names of the DAT's remember, the DAT-name's number increments when the drone is switched on irrespective of whether or not a phone or the controller is connected.

DAT's and txt's are recorded to the phone ONLY when the phone is in contact with the drone, if the phone is not connected for an entire log then the log is, I think, lost.
Also, an RC1A controller ceates DAT's, an RC1B cintroller does not.

From memory a secondary controller does not create a DAT and might not create a .txt/

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