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How to force app update
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Hello all,

I'm a subscriber to an excellent Youtube channel called Tech Drone Media (German but videos done in English). I noted one of his videos saying that the DJI Fly app has been updated and you can now change the EXP settings for the Mini 2 (to change the 'aggressiveness' of the sticks).

In the video he says the App version is 1.5.4 looking at my app which the Playstore claims is up to date mine is only
1.2.1?! So how do i update my app to get these features
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The app is available from the dji website. Google "dji fly download", click the first dji link, download the app, install it to your phone.
Simple as that. (I imagine you have android, if you have iOS go to the app store and download it)

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DJI no longer updates the DJI Fly App in the Google Play Store.  If you have an android device you are forced to download from DJI directly.
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