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Stolen DJI drones? Are they traceable
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Hi I have had multiple DJI drones stolen from me and then I would assume the people would then go and I guess use their accounts and fly them or do whatever they had done with them when they did. Are they trackable or traceable through their serial numbers or is there any way of going about finding the whereabouts of my drones I spent high amounts of money on these do you figured you guys would program or you know have some sort of anti-theft or other software programmed into them being as expensive as they are
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We are sorry to hear about this unfortunate experience.

Sorry to inform you we are unable to track your aircraft. Tracking the aircraft will require the synced flight data via DJI APP by the pilot and also the DJI account that the pilot flies your drone with.

We recommend that you report this theft incident to the local authorities, authorizing the police to run investigations on this case.

Also, we would like to collect the following information to record the stolen aircraft in the system. Our Support team will contact you if we receive the products in the future. Please rest assured that DJI will reject to offer a service if other customers send it back. Hope for your understanding and patience.

a) Full Name:

b) Phone number (mobile preferred):

c) Email address:

d) Serial Number:

e) Shipping Address (No PO BOX, business address preferred):

Hope that you can find your device as soon as possible.

Thank you for understanding and have a great day!
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how did you get so many stolen was it at the same time
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