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New DJI Terra Firmware Released (11/10/2022)
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Flight distance : 2408 ft
South Africa

Version: 3.6.0
Updated On: 2022-11-10
Update Details

What's New
  • Visible light reconstruction supports inputting intrinsic camera parameters to adapt to third-party cameras.
  • Supports pre-setting or fixing intrinsic camera parameters to fix the issue where reconstruction output is poor due to inaccurate intrinsic camera parameters.
  • Supports Smooth Point Cloud function to improve LiDAR point cloud extraction effects when point cloud is too thick.
  • Supports Accuracy Check in LiDAR Point Cloud Mission. After users import a checkpoint file, a quality report is automatically generated to check point cloud output accuracy.
  • Supports using physical distance for sampling on point cloud density in LiDAR Point Cloud Mission.
  • Supports setting "Distance to Ground/Subjects" in standalone reconstruction.
  • Supports selecting geoid file for vertical coordinate system NAVD88 (ft) or NAVD88 (ftUS).

What's Updated
  • Increased standalone computation efficiency by 10% for 2D reconstruction compared with v3.5.5 version.
  • Optimized reconstruction effects for water surfaces, which has reduced missed or inaccurate identification and improved identification for water reflections (For example, hole may exist in the reconstruction output when using an earlier software version).
  • Split the setting "Light Uniformity/Haze Reduction" to "Light Uniformity" and "Haze Reduction".
  • Optimized the display issue for the EPSG hover message when selecting a geoid file in Vertical Datum Settings.
  • Optimized size of 2D tiles by compressing them to one third of the original size.
  • Optimized the color consistency of the 2D reconstruction output when using data source with large light differences.
  • Optimized user experiences for Windows 11 (64-bit) operating system.
  • Optimized the stability for real-time reconstruction and the consistency for reconstruction accuracy and color.
  • Optimized the reconstruction speed for LiDAR Point Cloud missions under certain output coordinate systems.
  • Optimized file directory for the cluster reconstruction. For v3.6.0 and later versions, files used for cluster computation cannot be saved locally and must be saved to the shared directory which is accessible to all worker devices (using network path recommended. Example: \\\terra). In this way, Terra doesn't need to copy reconstruction files to shared directory and copy distortion corrected images and reconstruction output to the computer, which saves time consumed by copying files during cluster reconstruction.

What's Fixed
  • Fixed the display issue where names of visible light and multispectral photos are too long.
  • Fixed the issue where measurement point will automatically move to other location when marking it in 3D Model.
  • Fixed the issue where photo data cannot be imported to DJI Terra when creating a new mission as Terra is open and not closed for a long time.

  • Reconstruction results generated using the Seven-Parameter Transformation function and coordinate systems of newly supported countries on Terra v3.5.0 and v3.6.0 cannot be properly displayed and the Annotation and Measurement function is unavailable on v3.4.4 or earlier versions.
  • DJI Terra updates reconstruction algorithm from v3.4. If your Terra version is earlier than v3.4, upgrade the driver of the NVIDIA graphics card of the computer to 452.39 or later in time to ensure the reconstruction function works properly. Refer to "DJI Terra NVIDIA Graphics Card Driver Review and Upgrade Guide" for instructions.
  • If corrupted file is prompted or no response when installing v3.6.0 software, right-click the downloaded installation package and select Properties. Under the General tab, you will see message "This file came from another computer and might be blocked to help protect this computer" at the bottom of the window. Select Unblock and then click Apply > OK.
  • After planning flight route with DJI Terra, users can only export KMZ files to DJI Pilot when using DJI Matrice 30 Series or Mavic 3 Enterprise Series aircraft to perform detailed inspection missions.
  • For v3.6.0 and later versions, distortion corrected images will not copy to aerotriangulation output directory when generating XML files after aerotriangulation computation. V3.6.0(XXXX\AT\ undistort)
  • [Supported Aircraft - Flight Route Planning]
  • Matrice 30 Series (only used for detailed inspection missions)
  • DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise Series (only used for detailed inspection missions)

  • Version: 3.3.0

What's New?
  • Adds support for 2D reconstruction with Map Grid, which sets grid length and divides digital orthophoto maps (DOM) and digital surface models (DSM) into grids.
  • Adds support for detailed inspection mission with flight route waypoint check to ensure flight safety.
  • Adds support for modifying base station coordinates when processing point cloud data collected by Zenmuse L1.
  • Adds support for generating downsampled DSM in 2D reconstruction for urban scenes, which can be used in terrain follow flight mission.
  • Adds support for sorting and filtering in Mission Library.
  • Adds support for modifying feature point density.
  • Adds support for setting aerotriangulation coordinate system in XML file.
  • Adds support for Auto Rotate.

  • Increases 3D reconstruction speed by 25%.
  • Fixes issue where cluster reconstruction fails due to local network instability and improves algorithm reliability.
  • Reduces model (.b3dm、.osgb、.s3mb) volume by 30% to improve user experience.
  • Updates Mission Library and Reconstruction pages to improve user experience.
  • Adds support for using mission name as folder name to view reconstruction output easily.
  • Adds Japanese, Korean, German, Spanish, French, and Russian language options for Quality Report.
  • Adds support for simultaneous 2D and 3D reconstruction in a single mission. Make sure camera tilt angle of at least 3 images should be less than or equivalent to 35° for 2D reconstruction.
  • Adds Reconstruction Parameter Checklist to ensure accuracy before reconstruction.
  • Adds support for importing mark files after marking points in multiple devices.
  • Adds support for adjusting height offset of point cloud data collected by Zenmuse L1.
  • Updates 3D model background to black.
  • Adds support for detailed inspection mission with point cloud files displayed by height, returns, or reflectivity.
  • Adds quick measurement for Map.
  • Adds support for defining ROI for 2D and 3D reconstruction separately.
  • Adds support for copying ROI from 2D to 3D and vice versa.
  • Adds support for viewing camera POS in Reconstruction.

  • Fixes occasional issue where there is low reconstruction efficiency when using high-performance computer.
  • Fixes issue where worker device cannot be searched or applied when they are many worker devices in cluster reconstruction.
  • Fixes issue where noise is produced when selecting 3D reconstruction circling scenario.
  • Fixes issue where reconstruction fails after modifying parameters of previous aerotriangulation result.
  • Fixes issue where altitude of DSM is incorrect when altitude of projected coordinate system is in imperial units.
  • Fixes issue where size of 2D reconstruction file increases when projected coordinate system is in imperial units.
  • Fixes occasional issue where there is no response during 2D reconstruction.
  • Fixes issue where power lines are layered after enabling Optimize Point Cloud Accuracy in Zenmuse L1.
  • Fixes issues where GNSS data in OEM6 format collected by Zenmuse L1 fails to perform point cloud processing.
  • Fixes issue where point cloud data cannot be processed when collected while Zenmuse L1 is connected to China Mobile network RTK.
  • Fixes issue where LiDAR flight route file in TXT format is incorrectly stored.

  • After updating firmware, users are unable to continue modeling or change reconstruction file format for missions from v3.1.4 and earlier versions.
  • After updating firmware, users must restart modeling to continue an incomplete reconstruction mission from v3.1.4 or earlier version.
  • After changing file format, users must restart modeling to continue a completed reconstruction mission from v3.1.4 or earlier version.
  • Users are unable to view reconstruction output produced in v3.3.0 if the firmware is reverted back to v3.1.4 or earlier versions.
  • After renaming the mission in v3.3.0, users are unable to view reconstruction output in v3.1.4 or earlier versions.
  • Zenmuse L1 calibration function is required with Zenmuse L1 with firmware version higher than v02.04.01.08 (excluding v02.04.01.08).
  • Agras T10 or T30 users should use Agras drones with up-to-date firmware version to access Agricultural Applications.
  • Agras T16 or T20 users should use Agras drones with specified firmware version to access Agricultural Applications (Please contact DJI Support for the firmware).
  • DJI Terra Permanent License update and maintenance fees: Users can update DJI Terra to any version released within the first year of use free of charge, starting from when DJI Terra is bound with a device. From the second year onward, users must pay for version updates annually.
  • The Detailed Inspection function is now compatible with DJI Pilot V1.9.0R or later versions.

Supported Aircrafts - Route Planning
  • Phantom 4
  • Phantom 4 Pro
  • Phantom 4 Pro V2.0
  • Phantom 4 Pro + V2.0
  • Phantom 4 Advanced
  • Phantom 4 RTK (MONITOR RC)
  • Phantom 4 RTK (NO-MONITOR RC) (Only supports importing Detailed Inspection planning route)
  • Matrice 300 RTK + H20 Series payloads (Only supports importing Detailed Inspection planning route)
  • Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced (Only supports importing Detailed Inspection planning route)

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Flight distance : 2399075 ft

Thanks for the info!
1-30 11:48
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Flight distance : 839567 ft
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United States

Please Dji add Air 2s to Dji Terra.
10-27 10:17
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Ooh, great update!
  Supports Smooth Point Cloud
  Supports Accuracy Check
  Supports using physical distance
How wonderful.

It would be perfect if I could split the point cloud by time or by course.
11-11 00:28
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Should the P4M (Multispectral) be in the list of supported drones?
11-11 08:35
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Flight distance : 118406 ft
United States

SeanM Posted at 11-11 08:35
Should the P4M (Multispectral) be in the list of supported drones?

I agree that it should, but I have yet to see a Terra version that does. What's worse, there seems to be no alternative to GS Pro whatsoever, which is quite bad itself. At least they recently updated the basemap for GSPro, but still you can't use Terra generated 2D maps to plan P4M flights.
On top of that, you buy P4M which includes 1 year of Terra (but then have to pay for Terra), and then have to pay extra for basic features on GSPro (like kmz import oro 2D maps based off caputer images) only because they don't support P4M on Terra (but do support P4RTK), go figure!
11-30 19:35
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