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DJI Action 2 Complete Features & Settings Guide
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If you've just got your DJI Action 2 or you're looking at getting one, this is a good guide that gets into all the features and settings available on the camera & the app.
I've made a few of these before and they've been extremely popular and helped a lot of people so I thought I'd also post it here for people looking for help.

Any questions, let me know!
2-15 10:18
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Great tour round the options!  Some nitpicks -

- battery levels of both modules are seen if you tap the battery level display in the top right corner
-  in the storage menu there is an option to copy from the internal memory onto the SD card (if you have one!)
- "Screen off when locked" is useful for ensuring that the front screen only works when you need it - you don't then show everyone in front of the camera what you are shooting and you don't waste battery on illuminating a screen you can't see.  When you do activate the front screen, the rear screen turns off.  I'd strongly recommend having this setting "on".
- during playback there's a swipeable volume control.  Good luck finding it.

Here the Mimo app no longer works with any of my phone devices so I won't comment on that section!  DJI please fix that....
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Hello there spicemeister. Good day and thank you for posting this interesting video that you have created for the DJI Action 2. Nicely done and thank you for your support.
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Thanks for sharing.
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Very good work!
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