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Navigation System Error
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United Kingdom

I have had my DJI mini 2 since 18th Jan 22 and apart from an issue with a tight fitting battery, its been an amazing drone.

This post relates to another issue that I have noticed. After starting the drone the 3 times, I have noticed 'Navigation System Error..' and for 10 to 15 seconds I have been unable to take off until it disappeared. I carry out a compass calibration and more recently a IMU calibration but the message still pops up. Each time Ive had the message my GPS has been bad (low single figures) but luckily I have only been doing very local (within 10 feet) flying because of the bad weather in the UK at the moment.

If anyone has any info about this, if I need to worried because I dont want this happening if Im further away and unable to control it because the error occurs when Im in flight, or this is a quirk of the software or firmware.

Also has anyone tried to update DJI Fly app recently, because I got a message come up when I started the app, to update. I preceeded to update and it has failed the download twice now. The message suggested I clear space for the download, but I have 28GB Internal memory and 62gb of memory card storage.

Sorry for the novel, but any help would be appreciated.  
2-21 02:09
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DJI Stephen
Super Moderator

Hello there VinceG. I am sorry for the trouble this has caused and thank you for reaching out. May we please know what is the model of the mobile device that you are using please and since you are receiving this error message on the DJI Fly application have you tried to calibrate the IMU of your DJI Mini 2 and ensure that the drone is place in a flat level surface far from any magnetic material to see if the issue will still persist? If in case that the error message will still show in the future. It would be best to contact our DJI support team at for us to be able to assist you further. Thank you.
2-21 20:52
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