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AC battery charge?
228 4 2-23 06:31
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Lately I've noticed my battery charge hasn't been lasting as long as it used to on my controller.
I'd be able to have a few flights before one of the charge indicators (4 green lights) would be flashing, or go out.
I've had the drone for a little over 1 year now, but just curious about others here.
Should I let the AC drain to 10%? Or keep it fully charged all the time?
Thanks to all.
2-23 06:31
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First Officer


The controller has Li-ion batteries, as opposed to the drone which has the more sensitive LiPo type.
Info about Li-ion batteries: ... ium-based-batteries
2-23 08:32
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I wouldn’t fly my drone if the controller only had one dot left.
2-23 09:10
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I try to keep it at least 50%
2-23 12:43
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DJI Stephen
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Hello there Snoopy70. Good day and thank you for giving out these information. It would be best to keep your DJI Mini 2's remote controller fully charge before use to avoid any unwanted issues when flying your DJI Mini 2. In addition I hope that your fellow DJI co pilots can give out there valued insights as well with regards to this matter. Thank you.
2-23 19:17
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