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Joystick USB port for controller
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At my advanced age, I had to start out at 14 with dual stick for my 1st RC set. I did not like it then and I still don't like It now. It's not as intuitive as a joystick.

What I would like to see is a USB port that I can plug in my gaming joystick into the controller and fly with that. The one atvantage of a drone over anything a human flys is that it will stay at the same altutide as long as you don't touch the up/down. With a joystick with a separate "power" control, I can skim the water without worring about a sneeze/hiccup or any other outside disturbance causing me to put my drone in the drink. Having rudder tied in with the altutide control is just asking for trouble close to the deck as well as not being in sync with real life aircraft.

Comming from a gaming background with a lot of hours in choppers, I can do a much better job of flying and would not need the built in features already present had I such an option.

For one of the few times in my life, I can't wait for the warrenty to run out so I can Frankenstein my controller to my needs! lol

5-22 14:16
Use props
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