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Mini 3 Pro horizon issues and true gimbal calibration still missing.
1921 1 5-26 05:53
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Live My Journey
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I'm encountering issues with gimbal not keeping the horizon level. It happens especially when the dron is flying forward. I have tried tu use the gimbal calibration in the DJI Fly app but since calibration errors on Mini 2 drones where showing up randomly DJI truned that fearture off. What i mean by that is the the app is pretending to go through the motions, but in reality does nothing. The camera is seen going side to side, and does nothing with other 2 axies. In my mini 2 to prove theat it wsnt't doing anything i held the camera between my fingers and run a suucessfull calibration with no errors. That time i was able to go to a local service that uploaded a service fromware to my drone, run a proper gimabl calibration that moved and calibrated all the axis. No upon upgrading to a Mini 3 Pro i find that the app is doing the same exact thing and my gimbal calibration remains messed up! What gives?When are you planning to fix this?  

5-26 05:53
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DJI Stephen
Super Moderator

Hello there Live My Journey. I am sorry for the trouble this has caused and thank you for reaching out. I will forward these issue and information to the designated DJI Department for attention. Thank you.
5-26 19:13
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