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Will DJI Release a LUT for the Mini 3 Pro
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Joe Dawson
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By default on the in DJI Go4 and the Fly app when you are about six inches from the ground if you pull down on the power the drone will just say LANDING and then autoland the last six inches.

On the Go4 app you can turn this off and just slowly pull down on the sticks and even at 1 inch just hover...  This way if your landing in a very small area you can make sure you are 100% lined up before you fully land.  Even when you touch the motors can still be running ... you have to continue to pull down after you land to then fully power off the drone.  

I find this a really great safe way to ensure your landing in the correct spot.  With the other way if you get wind or something in the last six inches you may not quite land on the table or small area you planned to land on.  

Also if the ground or area isn't level the drone will not allow you to land if the feature for safe landing zone is on.  

I don't like this option and want to totally control my landing like I can on the Go4 App.  Is there anyway to change this setting in the Fly app?

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DJI Stephen
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Hello there Joe. Good day and thank you for sharing these information with us. As of the moment, we do not have any information with DJI's future updates for the new DJI Mini 3 Pro and with regards to this matter. Kindly please stay tuned to the latest updates by subscribing to DJI official website at . Thank you.
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United Kingdom

LUT..... I thought that was about Processing video ?. Like your idea on the landing though
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I'm not sure if they ever did.
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DJI has never released a D-cinelike LUT because D-cinelike, unlike D-log, does not require a log curve.

D-cinelike is only a linear reduction of saturation and contrast, while D-log is generated by a logaristic curve.

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