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Fly Safe Guide 1: How to Unlock a Restricted Zone
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Have you ever been in a situation: you may find some red or blue zones in the DJI app (e.g. DJI GO 4/DJI Fly) during a flight? If you would like to fly your drone in these areas, you need to unlock them first. This guide provides not only the introduction to DJI’s GEO System and Restricted Zones, but also the method for unlocking a Restricted Zone. So, let’s get started!

First question, what is DJI’s GEO System?

DJI’s Geospatial Environment Online (GEO) System is a geospatial information system providing DJI users with up-to-date guidance on areas where flight is limited due to safety concerns or regulations. It combines the latest airspace information, a warning and flight-restriction system, a self-authorizing unlocking mechanism for specific locations, and a minimally-invasive accountability system for those decisions. This system is often referred to as “geofencing”.

The most restricted one is of course Restricted Zones, which appear red in the app. A warning will prompt and flight is prevented. (We have another article introducing the Authorization Zones, or let’s say, the blue zones, tap here to read the details.)

But, what if a rescue mission should be executed in a red zone? Please follow the three steps below to unlock it:

Step 1: Prepare basic information.

  • Personal information: Your name, email address, and phone number
  • Flight Controller serial number (Launch the DJI app, and go to About to find “Flight Controller SN”.)
  • Latitude and longitude of the area of interest
  • Radius and height of the area of interest, subject to the authorization document approved by the local government (Note: Some drones are not allowed to unlock flight above 500 m.)
  • Duration of the unlocking licenses: 1 year for personal users and non-authenticated organization users (incl. government units); 3 years for authenticated organization users
  • Authorization document that allows flight in the red Restricted Zones (Please kindly contact the local government to get it approved.)

After preparing these materials, tap this link and input the information to finish the first step. The process is as here: Authentication Application.

Step 2: Go to DJI’s Official Website to apply for an unlocking license.

After filling out the Authentication Application information, you can move to the next step of unlocking license application: Go to to submit an Unlock Request, check here: Unlocking License Application for the detailed process. Then, you will receive an email reply for the unlocking request result in an hour.

Step 3: Import the unlocking license onto your drone.

Once you obtain a positive result, welcome to the final step: Import the license onto your drone via DJI app, and please see below for instructions for different DJI apps: (Please make sure that your device has network connectivity before following this step.)

For DJI Fly, please click here.
Note: For FPV drones, please connect the Goggles to your mobile device through a data cable first, and then click here.

For DJI GO 4, please click here.
For DJI GO, please click here for iOS; and here for Android.

For DJI Pilot, please click here.For DJI Pilot 2, please click here.
For GS RTK, please click here.

For DJI Agras, please click here.
For DJI MG, please click here.

Should you need any further assistance, email at any time. Please rest assured that our unlocking team provides 24/7 customer service.

Hope this article is helpful. If you have any questions or would like to share any ideas on future articles, please feel free to leave a comment below!

6-20 05:18
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Fred Fred Fred
First Officer
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Thank you Dji, very helpful!
6-20 18:11
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This is exactly what I need right now.
6-20 22:35
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Very very much. This guide is very useful. More like this, please. ANd thank you.
6-21 08:43
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United States

Thanks DJI very informative
6-21 18:07
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United States

Love these guides.  Thank you.
6-22 06:34
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These restrictions are so unbelievably dumb sometimes.. I live over a 1000 meters away from the custody, and I'm not allowed to use my device indoors, in my own flat, just to start it up and check if everything is OK! It's so ridiculous, I gave up trying to apply for this unlock.
Will be grateful for any help concerning the problem.
6-22 06:49
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Second Officer
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United States

Very good post and will help a LOT of pilots.
6-23 08:01
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Harry Jack


I have read this blog and I found it interesting. Thank you for communicating your article with us; I value your knowledge, which I seriously value
yesterday 02:30
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