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Flying a drone in UK ( Scotland )? A few questions
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Kanaye Shogun
First Officer
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Hello everyone,

I have a few questions for Drone owners and pilots from Scotland.

At the beginning of August, I am going to Scotland to shoot a wedding ( Glasgow ). I will be there a few days earlier to explore a little bit and make a few photos and videos while i am there. I would also like to carry with me DJI mini pro 3 that i am waiting to arrive.

Since the drone is under 250 g.

1. I've read that I only need an Operator ID to fly legally. Is that correct ?
2. I also plan to fly over unpopulated areas and nature. Can I fly in the national parks like Loch Lomond & Trossachs etc?
3. Did anyone get a fine for flying without a license in the wilderness?
4. If you have any suggestions on what to visit and what are nice places to take a few photos and videos with the drone, please share.

Thank you so much,

Kind regards from Croatia

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DJI Stephen
Super Moderator

Hello there Kanaye Shogun. Good day and thank you for reaching out. I hope that our fellow DJI co pilots who have travelled in Scotland can give out the best recommendation with regards to this matter and inquiry. In addition, kindly please read through your airline's battery transportation regulations when traveling with your DJI intelligent flight batteries and for reference I will post a link where in you can learn about regulations for your specific airline ( ). Thank you and please stay safe always.
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United Kingdom

Your (1) is correct, for a drone under 250g you only need the Operator ID, not the Flyer ID.  See here ...
(Bizzarely this site doesn't let me post links to the Civil Aviation Authority.  To see the reference look for a page titled 'Registration requirements for drones and model aircraft' on the site

You should also be aware of the operational limits, proximity to people etc ..
(Again, link not permitted, you will need to look for page titled 'Where you can fly (Points 3 to 9)' again on

As for enforcement, I can't really comment other than to suggest that if you're not doing anything too anti social it is unlikely to attract attention.
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United Kingdom

The above said I do not see any point in getting an operator ID whilst NOT getting a Flyer ID. ... hat-you-need-to-fly

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United Kingdom

Have a look here, fill in the questions and it will tell you if you are good to fly.

I have flown my original Mavic Pro around Loch lomond, with no problems, I do have CAA article 16 authorisation which gives me more areas to fly, you can read about article 16 on CAA Website.
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