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Ma Junsung
Flight distance : 1062011 ft
South Korea

I think the problems that Mavic 3 had so far have improved a lot through firmware updates.
However, the image quality issue of the Mavic3 camera has not been specifically mentioned so far, so I wonder if DJI recognizes this problem properly.
I usually take pictures rather than videos because I work in architectural design. But I was surprised while looking at the picture. It was because of the problem that some parts of the picture came out as if they were crushed, including the quality of the surroundings of the picture. Only a few, not the whole, experienced such a problem.
So I looked up the sample images taken with Mavic3 posted by other users.

Dpreview_sample Gallery
DJI Sample DNG File
Mavic3 User Sample  - Original Post

In some of the results of images taken with Mavic3, I found that the sharpness was very low on the left and right sides of the top.

My Mavic3


I delivered the information to DJI and received the product exchange. However, the exchanged product did not produce better results than the existing product.

Upper Left Cropped image

So I was wondering how much the image output at the top of the other Mavic3 users' photos was. Is the result of your Mavic3 camera okay?
7-19 18:36
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Second Officer
Flight distance : 356391 ft
United States

Hello Ma Junsung. Your examples here show very severe corner distortions. What you are showing here I have not seen with my mavic 3. My initial reaction from viewing your samples is that something is wrong with the camera on your particular mavic 3. However, you say you have now had this on 2 separate mavic 3's. I still feel like something is wrong with the camera on these drones, because I have not seen this on mine or other mavic 3's. The corner distortion you show here is pretty extreme. You should know this is not typical. I would work with DJI to get a 3rd drone if need be. Perhaps more testing could also be done - different aperture in particular. Make sure drone is 100% stationary, no movement, and shoot static non moving photographs in a contorlled environment. Maybe with some testing you could learn more. For example - does the distortion exhist at all apertures?
7-20 06:53
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Second Officer
Flight distance : 2350200 ft
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United States

Are you using a CPL or any other filter that might be causing the distortion?  I wonder if it looks better if you remove the front protective glass filter and expose the front elements of the camera.
7-20 13:44
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