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What if? High temp warning.
420 0 2022-7-23
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Flight distance : 209160 ft
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United States

I live around a lot of lakes.  What happens if the mini 3 Pro high temp warning comes up while filming South Channel Lighthouse which is a 1.2 mile flight one way off of Harsens  Island?  Does it land in the water?   I’m still looking to buy one.  But I’ll have to modify the controller to get an acceptable signal.  But the overheating is something that many just can’t seem to control no matter what they do.  Just 15 minutes ago I was watching a mini 3 pro tutorial, and the guy had to stop midway because of high temp issues.  My guess is every mini 3 pro that overheats and falls into the water, must be replaced without any questions.  by dji.  This is totally their responsibility for this problem to begin with.  If they would guarantee that kind of coverage I’m in and I’d like to have one.  
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