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DJI Care question
400 1 2022-8-9
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Hi Everyone, looking for clarification.

I have a new MINI 3 PRO with the normal RC-N1 remote and purchassed the 2 year care plan.

I have just bought the DJI-RC remote whicn shoud be here in about 1-2 weeks.

Here's my question, I understand that my plan is bound to my drone but in order to activate fly away coverage that I need to BIND my remote to account but I plan to change remote in the next few weeks. Can one unbind and rebind a remote (when I get my new one) to account or is it a one time thing ?

Does the CARE package actually cover the remote or just the drone ?
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DJI Susan

Hi there, we are deeply sorry for the belated reply. You can unbind the controller and bind it to the new RC controller. If you want to change the remote controller, connect to the aircraft and the new remote controller in network status and tap [Change Bound rc] shown on the FPV screen. This operation must be operated by the bound account. This operation must be operated by the bound account. Hope this is informative for you.
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