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Firmware Update > Battery Calibration?
3882 2 2015-8-6
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Tony Tronic

United Kingdom

I haven't done the firmware and app update yet. It seems quite a major one, so am a bit apprehensive.

One thing that is concerning me is the part in the relase notes about battery calibration.
"1. The battery must be fully charged and then discharged to below 5% power to complete the calibration.Manually toggle the Flight Mode Switch to enter the IOC."
"4. The battery’s charge and discharge cycles may be affected by the update as a result of the new calculation method for the battery life."

If I understand correctly:
1. I update the firmware on the aircraft, controller and batteries.
2. I charge the batteries to 100%
3. I go out flying and run the batteries down to 5% ( from 10% - 5% hovering above the ground )

Is there any chance that the battery charge will drop out because of the new firmware? It says the battery's charge and discharge cycles may be affected.
Is it best to run down the battery from 100% to 5% at a hover? The problem I have with this is I have 5 x TB48's and 1 x TB47 so that would take ages, as well as being a complete energy waste.

What does this mean? "Manually toggle the Flight Mode Switch to enter the IOC." I presume it has nothing to do with battery's. Do I simply toggle the switch and nothing else?
What will that do?

Lastly, because the firmware can now be downgraded, does the Pilot App ( Old Skool ) still detect which firmware version you have and lock your aircraft? I'd rather not update at the moment and its a pain having to remember to put my iPad into flight mode at home.


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Paul Joy
Second Officer
Flight distance : 1239446 ft
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United Kingdom

Not sure what the IOC has to do with anything, typo maybe? I did this with four TB47's yesterday, yes time consuming and even a little boring at times but I had no problems with sudden voltage drops etc. Remember to disable 'Smart Go Home' otherwise the aircraft will try and do a full RTH when it hits 10% power. With Smart Go Home disabled it just descends to land so you can keep it airborn with left stick. I found it tries harder and harder to land which is quite funny as you have to give it more and more stick to fight it.
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United States

i tried re calibration the slow way by just keeping the copter on until it went off but I was short-- 5643  on my 5700 battery  so  i tried again  this time discharging by keeping the copter in flight about an inch off the ground past 10 percent  till i needed thrust to keep the craft up, it would not stay up just with the stuck in the middle  and i burned the battery out totally until the craft just droppped to the floor,  the i recharged and the battery showed 5700 capacity  so that is how its done plain and simple
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