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AIR 2S Mind of its own it ran away and took on a tree.
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Not a good start!  Granddaughter has a photo and video service and purchase a DJI AIR 2S from Best Buy.  While using it the second wedding she placed the drone in the hover setup and it was recording a video of the site to be of an outdoor wedding.  After hovering about 3 minutes it all of a sudden headed into the trees just outside Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  It crashed into a tree and the tree won.  I have built computers and worked on televisons. depth finders. and home security cameras for a number of years.  She asked me if I would look at the drone to see if it could be fixed.  Three of the four arms were damaged and the frame where they connect to the drone body were cracked or bent.  I told her that I would try.  When it hit a tree or trees the metal gimble broke into and the camera was found on the ground next to the drone completely disconnected fron the body of the drone.  The camera did not have any damage done to it.  I found out quickley that the parts are utterly over priced.  Wires for lights and motors are too short that go to both boards and have to be soldered with other wire to reach some connections.  Some of the solder dots are so close together that hand soldering is almost impossible.  I ordered a set of arms without motors, as I thought it would be easy to use the motors and wire systems that were not damaged.  WRONG!  The back of the arms has a so called door, and it looks like it would snap off and then snap back on.  It comes off but is so deformed from the struggle that it will mot snap back on properly.  Being that they used mini-mini screws to hold parts together it seems that they could have used two screws on the door to remove the door and reinstall it after working with the wires inside the arms.  I purchased all parts for the drone body.  The boards looked ok and did not purchase them.  Won't know on that until I install the battery.  The wires with the snap on tabs are a breeze to work when compared to the souldering dots.  I have completed the soldering and soon will fire up the battery and see what happens on that side of the lights and motors.  Then it is on the the gimble, those two connections to the main boards, and the connection wire to the gimble and the camera itself.
This drone had some major defect in the electronics of the hover setup and proper working of this drone.  I told my granddaughter that it may never fly again and even if it flies again the camera maybe will never work properly.  We probably made a big mistake not shipping the whole drone back to DJI.  I did contact them by phone and the person I talked to was not really interested in helping me with repair information.  If you read this and have the same problem or another problem with a new drone I would not try to fix it yourself unless you have repaired a drone before.  The little screws will drive you nut, the soldering is unreal, and having to solder add-on to short wire is the final straw.  Good luck to all that try repairs.  Grandaughter spent around $1500.00 bucks on the AIR 2S and decided quickly with her photo business she bought another DJI drone that was in the $1000.00 range with a cheaper camera installed.  So far so good as she has used it in about 15 weddings at this point.
8-22 14:09
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Flight distance : 525 ft
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Good to hear the new drone is working well for your granddaughter.  I replaced arms and motors on a MIni and a Mini 2.  Can be done with the right tools.  Fortunately, the wiring was of sufficient length. I got the parts off Aliexpress.  

With the gimbal busted up I probably would have shipped it to DJI for repair.  Hopefully, the granddaughter had Care Refresh on the Air 2S.

8-23 02:53
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DJI Susan


I am deeply sorry to read about the accident that happened to your aircraft, we understand that must be frustrated for you. Self-repair is not suggested and may void the warranty. You can still send the drone back to our repair center, however, it may be a paid service.
Please fill out the online repair request on our official web and send it back. Here is the link:
We will do our best to help this out.
Noticed that you had contacted our support over the phone, if it is convenient, kindly PM me your phone number, I will check the details of the support issue and keep improving our service.
8-23 18:09
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