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Export issues from Premiere to mp4 with HLG Profile, Mavic 3 Cine
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Hi folks, so I'm continuing to refine my workflow trying to get Mavic 3 Cineo ProRes to look great coming out of Adobe Premiere. I've seen good results from other people so I imagine that I'm missing something very simple on export.
Footage was shot in HLG color mode. I'm working in a ProRes native comp and changed the color space to match HLG (see attached). When I export, however it all goes to hell. The colors are all contrasty / levels off, etc. I did find a setting in the mp4 export that let's me choose High10 profile, and then I can change the colors space back from Rec 709 to Rec 2100HLG, and things "appear" better. However even in the mp4 it's not quite as balanced as it is in premiere. I am assuming that part of this has to do with the bit-rate encoded in the mp4, however I can't believe I'm the only one trying to export the footage into the H264 format and having bad results.

Appreciate any tips / direction!

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Hi! You might be better off posting your question in the 'products' section of this forum.  That is way more active.    -
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You can try export with other video editing software and see if the problem still exists.
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