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anyone know how to reset smart battery?
1120 0 2015-8-6
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[size=14.6666660308838px]We know:

[size=14.6666660308838px]1) push quick once to see charge displayed for a few seconds
[size=14.6666660308838px]2) push quick, let go, push and hold to turn on
[size=14.6666660308838px]3) push long for health display for a few seconds

[size=14.6666660308838px]I assume there are some for dji testing or things like battery reset, etc.

[size=14.6666660308838px]I would like to replace a defective pouch cell, but smart battery will not reset and make 'bad cell' window close in  assistant....

[size=14.6666660308838px]Anyone ever figure out any other combos?

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