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Drones for all
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There are a lot of differently-abled people in the world and you seem to be going out of your way to exclude them from the hobby of drone photography/videography, especially considering you already have the ability to make operating a drone so much easier for them. Given conditions like essential tremor, Parkinson’s, birth defects and disfiguring accidents, not everyone has the natural ability to operate a drone with the dexterity of a drone racing league champion. If you don't want to do it, then at least don't lock up your SDK, preventing third party applications like Litchi and Dronelink from uploading waypoints to your drones and forcing them to fly with virtual sticks that inherently create poor, jerky footage. Why would you do this to a disadvantaged segment of the population? You have had this capability in the past and you still have this ability on your high-end drones, but a lot of people with disabilities are also on fixed or limited incomes, due to circumstances out of their control. You should be leading the way for access to all, not creating roadblocks for the disadvantaged. You make the best drones in the world. It would be great if you made them enjoyable and usable for all you can.
9-22 10:45
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