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Error code 30210
532 1 2022-9-23
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Very slow crash of my Mini 2 into a rock - dropped into fresh water - retrieved it in less than one minute. No visible damage.

Placed drone and battery in rice overnight.

Seems to power up - getting initial beeping sound but no movement in propellers during startup
Camera and gimble seem to be working fine
Video is recorded/saves/exportable

Battery seems fine but have tried brand new battery as well

Getting error code 30210.

I'm in Thailand but purchased via - November 2021 (shipped to Japan - as I used to live there) I have record of the purchase via the Amazon receipt.

Wondering a couple of things...
- What might I be able to try to see if I can repair it?
- Where do I call/email to see if it's under warranty?
- I've noticed "parts" available on Lazada (Thailand's version of Amazon). Is it possible to purchase a new mother board and for me to take it apart and make the swap?

Any advise would be very much appreciated
Error Code.PNG
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DJI Thor
Flight distance : 13602 ft

Hi, there. We are greatly sorry to hear about that. For this situation, you are advised to contact our team via to create a case and send it back for further testing.
Use props
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