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DJI Mavic 3E Camera Internal Parameter Calibration(9/27/2022)
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1. Collecting Calibration Data
  • It is recommended to calibrate in areas with large elevation differences such as buildings or hillsides.
  • Set check points and check the result after calibration (optional)
  • Use smart oblique capture or oblique mission (five routes) to plan the mission.Parameter requirements: The collected images should be more than 100, the forward overlap rate should be no less than 80%, and the side overlap should be no less than 70%, the oblique image accounts for not less than 2/3, and there is no limit for flight altitude.
  • Turn on RTK and take off after RTK FIX.
  2. Modeling   
  • Use DJI Terra v3.5.0 and above version to create a 3D reconstruction mission and start modeling.

  3. Calibration
  • After modeling is completed, open the folder, find the sfm_report.json file in the AT-report directory, and copy it to the camera’s microSD card.
  • Make sure that the aircraft is not connected to the computer. Insert the microSD card into the Mavic 3E aircraft, and power it on. Then the camera will automatically write the internal parameters after calibration.

  4. Verifying
  • After the aircraft is powered on for 2 minutes, remove the microSD card, and check whether there is dewarp_update.log generated under the root directory of the microSD card. If yes, it can be determined that the internal parameter calibration is successful.


  • Or take a picture, open it with Notepad, and search for XMP. If you can find DewarpData, it means that internal parameter calibration is successful.


  • If the camera internal parameter calibration fails, please update the aircraft firmware to the latest version and insert the microSD card with sfm_report.json file to the aircraft again.
  • If the camera internal parameter calibration fails multiple times, please contact DJI Support.

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thanks for these info dji...
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TerrainDrop supports the M3E and is an interesting tool for verifying overlap with just a click, even in uneven terrain, without the need for lengthy processing.  

The 80/70 overlap they are suggesting corresponds to about 16-18 looks at everything in the coverage area. A single click in TerrainDrop shows how many images are available at any location.

This example shows only 8X coverage:

While this example shows 21X coverage:

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In what situations is this required and what happens when you do not have access to DJI Terra?
11-15 08:52
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