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DJI Care - should I repair for minor cosmetic damages?
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United States

While on holiday, I accidentally crashed my Mavic 3. The damages were minimal and the drone is fully operational. I checked every sensor to be performing correctly and I have been flying the drone for the last 3 months without any issues.

Now that I am back, I thought about sending it in for repair since I have Care Refresh (2 years). However, I soon discovered that:
1. Even with a 2 year Care Refresh plan, we still have to pay for repairs.
2. If your product has not used replacement service and discount repair service during the term of validity, an additional 1-year extended warranty service will be provided for your product after the current DJI Care Refresh expires.

It seems to me that it makes no sense to send in my drone for repair if it only sustained minor cosmetic damages (e.g. scratch on the body with no sensors impacted).

Since I do not plan to sell my drone anytime in the future, these cosmetic damages really have no impact on me.

I don't see any advantages to send my drone in anymore. Does anyone have a good reason on why I should still send it in for repair?

9-27 20:30
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DJI Wanda

Hello, there. Thanks for your inquiry.
The reason why we recommend users send the drone back for repair are as follows:
1. Safety is the priority thing. We want to make sure there is no potential damage to the aircraft after the crash.
2. It may impact the warranty services in the future. You may refer to this link:
What This After-Sales Policy Does NOT Cover
× Damage caused by a forced flight when components have aged or been damaged.

3. You can choose whether to use your DJI Care Refresh services  after the official quotation is sent to your inbox.  
9-27 22:09
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United States

It's a tough decision.  My experience was good with one gotcha.  They did a very thorough job documenting what they recommended fixing with pictures.  They also sent me logs of system errors showing what was malfunctioning as well as what caused the damage (which I never disputed).  I agreed, paid and received my Mavic2 Pro back in a week or less.  Worked great had to re add it to my Smart controller.  Then one day looking at my profile I noticed I had a second Mavic2 Pro listed under my profile.  It turns out I received a refurbished drone not my repaired drone.  I found it kind of creepy.  Given the amount of logs and inspection during their initial investigation I am fairly sure my refurbished is in really good shape.   
10-13 07:54
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