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Files on internal storage
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Hi there,

How do I get the files from internal storage to my computer? I can selecte them all in album but can't see a way to copy them to the SD card. The Avata doesn't mount as a drive if I connect it to my iMac with a USB cable - what am I missing?


10-2 15:52
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Hi there. Thank you for reaching out. If you have files on the internet storage of the DJI Avata and you want to transfer them, use a USB-C cable to connect the aircraft and the PC to export then. If the files are in the SD card, you can insert the SD card into the aircraft, use a USB-C to connect the aircraft to the PC, or put the SD card into the card ready, connect to the PC, and export the files. Hope this helps. Thank you for your valued support.
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Make sure you are using a USB cable, capable of data transfer. A lot of USB cables are only capable of charging devices, and not transferring data, which is kind of ironic as USB cables were originally used for transferring data. As far as I'm aware, there is no visual way of identifying if a cable is capable of transferring data or not but I might be wrong about this, especially if you have like me a pile of USB cables.

Some people have also said that you have to wait 20 seconds after connecting the usb to the computer before it appears.
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Mounts as a Drive on my iMac using USB cable just fine for me to transfer files
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Make sure its plugged in all the way, you might think it is, but its not...
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