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Bluetooth audio support
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My primary use case for an action cam is motorcycle trips.  I have communications in my helmet already (happens to be a Cardo unit, but Sena and other brands work the same way) that support bluetooth pairing to multiple devices.  It seems like a no-brainer to support bluetooth audio in/out for an action camera.  What better way to get a external mic without having to deal with a wire and without compromising the seals on the camera?
And yet, this seems to be the unicorn feature.  The GoPro's don't do it (even though it's a top 5 requested feature since the GP5) and now that I'm poking around here it turns out the DJIs don't seem to do it either.  What am I missing about this that makes it so tough to implement?  Surely if it's just about the revenue from all the awful audio adapter bits, someone in marketting is smart enough to figure out how to sell bluetooth audio as an extra license or something.

Food for thought I guess.  If anyone at DJI read these things - you're missing a golden opportunity to support a feature that every moto-vlogger in the world wants and the GoPro folks are clearly never going to do...
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Agree, would be good.
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Would be great paring it with my Cardio
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Hello there TheMadTexan. Good day and thank you for giving out these information. I will forward these information to the designated DJI Department for attention. Thank you and keep filming.
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